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Shim's Martial Arts Training Center Testimonials

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“Great classes! Great Instructors! Shim’s Martial Arts provides a safe, fun and disciplined environment for kids to learn martial arts while getting exercise and learning respect. Instructors are friendly and professional. The space is clean and spacious. I highly recommend this place for all ages.”

Sunny Segal

“I highly recommend Shim’s Tae Kwon Do to everyone, child or adult. You really are in great hands when coming to train at this school, Because it is hands down one of the best. The quality of instructors is unparalleled. Master Phil is absolutely amazing with children, very patient and willing to go out of his way for his students. The environment is friendly and welcoming and the instructors will do everything they can to help you master a form or techniques. Unlike other schools or places that don’t care about the quality of their teaching, this place does. The facility itself is extremely nice, clean, and kept up. There is no better school in the chicago area.”

Karolina Buczek

“I was a student at Shim’s from childhood to young adulthood. Training at Shim’s helped me through many of my life endeavors which includes the Marines and with my current occupation as a police officer. Shim’s TKD taught me a lot, but equally as important forged many a life long relationships through the school. I would highly recommend training there. Master Philip Shim is a great instructor and knows how to bring out the best in you.”

Steven Hong (UIC Police Dept)

“Shim’s Martial Arts is a great place to learn and grow, and the instructors are great with the kids. Many of the concepts and disciplines I use in the professional world have been instilled in me through martial arts. I am very thankful to Shim’s Martial Arts and the great work they do.”

Stefan Von Aulock